Integrity: to abide by the laws and regulations, compliance with the code of conduct, set a good image and reputation for the company. Honest and trustworthy, congruent, face failure and success, not to shirk responsibility, with practical actions to win customers, colleagues respect and trust. Abide by the occupation ethics, loyalty to the company, keep the business secrets, and safeguard the interests of the company. The work of information do not hide, not false.

Cooperation: focus on the goals and overall interests, and internal and external personnel to work together to achieve the company's goals. The development of the company for the implementation of non border management thinking, actively find and solve the problems and issues through various channels to promote the. Active communication, encourage the free airing of views, listened to the opinions of others, and improvements in work.

Good at learning: stay open, carefully and learn the experience and strengths of others. Evaluate themselves objectively and continuously improve their ability, and constantly improve the work, seek the higher performance. To broaden their horizons, looking at the world, attention to leading enterprises, all the valuable experience and practice actively applied in practice.

Seriously: with a high degree of professionalism, a strong sense of dedication and consistent professional attitude towards work, high quality and efficient completion of the task. Hard work, down-to-earth, despite difficulties, perseverance, do not reach the goal and never give up. Pay attention to the order and quality, reveals the problems, suggestions for improvement and promote the solution.